Papers found in room 536

I found them again. My rooms. And so the story will start taking form again.
Ucenite will walk the halls again with Mr. Humbre. And a new Room will be filled.

They had been walking the floors up and down for quiet a while. She could see that Mr. Humbre to was getting tired as hes started to drag  his left leg behind him. The reason for this behavior was because of a injury he had gotten during a houseexamination 10 years ago when someone had looked in a Twiser and forgotten about it. Mr Humbre was a very lucky man to have survived this incident with only a bad leg as a consequence. There are still only five known cases of people surviving a Twiser encounter.
Suddenly she heard a loud clock go off in the background. Just to realise it was her necklace. Teatime, it showed on the small display. Mr Humbre who know was experiencing a rainfall of sweat along his face sneaked out a nood of relief. But more or less tried to cover it up saying it was perfect because it would give him time to sort out the mess from the earlier collison in room 50 when all his notes had been flying around making the room appear as it was covered in snow. Ucenite had totally forgotten about the drawers in that room. To be honest she had thought that the batteries moving the drawer from wall to wall would have been empty by now. But appearntly not all memories give up just becasue of the oxygen is closed out and emptied.

Last thing written. Found my blogg too with 2 entries from the story, but they are in desperate need of being polished.

So now after some Blur - Fade Away humming in my head i'm off to get coke lift that pen ^^

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