It was a good run, but the coffee aint as sweet as it was yesterday.

You came along the day my eyes drowned.
And changed the weather.
You showed me a map, filled with markings of your treasures.
Dassled and broken I accepted your golden thicket, for my boat seemed unattended.

Colours shifted in the sky and our faces created new shapes.
Warm and sugarrushed I closed my eyes and felt.
Stories we made and box covers polished and prefected. 

But a poison ivy don't mingle with a bee.
Neither can breath in a glass jar.
I can't complain. It's been lovely, but it's time to leave.
So thank you for the wrapings, but i need a inside of that box.

Blä skrivet lite snabbt, men Ican igen du som inspiration. Prefection kommer sen.
Ut kom ngt iaf ^^.

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